• Why have UI on the bottom for the store instead of an interactive world element? It just makes no sense.
  • Auto-attacking is non-interactive.
  • Why last hit? Awesomenauts shows us that we don’t need it. It is a pain to do.
  • Minion miners are interesting.
  • They’re a little more PvE than I expected from this kind of game, although there is the hope that you catch someone there.
  • Having the sub-quests seems interesting though.


  • Why punish me for tapping a lot on enemies? This is a thing I naturally want to do.
  • Keep the gold in a consistent place across screens. Moving it from bottom left to top right makes no sense.
  • My hands are tired after the tutorial.
  • Seriously, you give me stars in the tutorial? That’s ridiculous.
  • Only one lane seems poor. There’s less options as a player.
  • Locking me to a single hero in the second stage of the tutorial is just stupid. Either do it for both or do it for neither. It felt terrible not to be able to play the hero I wanted.
  • Last hitting is still a pain. Making a tutorial for basically just that doesn’t change that. Also, I disliked the first tutorial, there was no space for me to do anything smart. I was just proving that I had full use of a hand.

Game 1

  • Went 4-0, which is nice.
  • Got the gank when the opp went for the minion mine, which is cool. I guess he would be there and I was right.
  • 2 of the opp. team seemed to have left early. I was playing 3v1.
  • I don’t know where my mana is, or whatever is keeping me from using my abilities.
  • I really like their integration with videos and their website.

Game 2

  • Way too long. This was a 20 minuete game.
  • My team went right for the objectives, the opposing team ignored them. I didn’t notice a difference in our relative strengths. Also, this indicates that some players just do not engage with the feature.
  • The walk animation for the squirrel character is terrible.
  • Move speed is terrible. It takes far too long to get places. I understand how much of the skill of the game comes from that, but it leads to an experience in which I’m spending a lot of time not doing anything interesting.
  • Health regen is missing. I seem to need to TP if my health is low. This excarbates the above issue.
  • I only learned about TP when I saw an ally do it.