You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

This is the first week this month that I’ve been able to get any work done in. The first two weeks were plagued by some quite nasty headaches, but now I’m largely fine and so I got some interesting work done.

I shifted the combat into something more board game-like. So, now units only have a single hit point and depending on the strength ratio attacking, varying chances of killing or being killed. I like this for now becuase it:

  • Fits well with the new art style.
  • Helps make wars more mutually destructive, which is a goal in itself.
  • That also puts in some unit turnover, which better lets unit production be a sink.
  • This also takes away the endless war issue of Civ

The feature came in because it fits the new, more board game-like visuals, but I’m actually just as excited about the mechanical implications now that it’s in place.

Besides that, the major part of the week was spent in stabilization. There were some small bug fixes and I finally put in the icons for improvements, so now there are no blank, placeholder squares left in the game. I am going to need to make a major graphical overhaul pretty soon as I don’t like the way the pieces look together, but I needed to get to this point in order to be able to see that.

My next big feature is a roadmap and schedule for the rest of the game until Early Access and at least a vague outline of what comes after that. I’m headed off to Morocco for a couple of weeks vacation though, so it will be some time before that comes out.