You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

I put in the research parameters for the first three stages of the game in this week. I still only have the first three phases of the game in. The eXtermination phase still needs implementation.

I also spent some time playing the game. I did some work on some critical UI to make it cleaner. Additionally, I put in a screen for combat results that makes a big difference to the game. Earlier, I just really didn’t know how a combat was stacked and whether I was just being unlucky. I tend to let transparency features like this slide because I’m busy working on something shiny, but it’s a bad habit and one that I need to remain mindful of.

Interesting Fact

“In eighteen years of reporting in twenty-two countries, during which I have witnessed innumerable civil disturbances, riots, street fights and rebellions, I have never witnessed such harrowing scenes as at Dharasana. The Western mind can grasp violence returned by violence, can understand a fight, but is, I found, perplexed and baffled by the sight of men advancing coldly and deliberately and submitting to beating without attempting defense. Sometimes the scenes were so painful that I had to turn away momentarily.”

  • Webb Miller, The New York World-Telegram, Dharasana Camp, Surat District, Bombay Presidency, May 22, 1930

I found this quote a bit ago and it serves as a good way to highlight a recurring theme in the thought of the time, that of the inscrutable East and the brutal West. After Mandela and MLK, Gandhi’s ideas became more commonplace, but at the time, it truly was alien to many of those who came across it.