You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

I put in some of the end-game this week. The code is in place right now for apocalyptic climate change, apocalyptic nuclear warfare and adding conclusions to your book report. I’ve played the game a lot as well, but I haven’t quite got to the end-game scenarios yet. It takes a lot of playtime to get the game into shape and I still have a lot of playing to do.

Interesting Fact

The Book of Tea is an essay written in 1906 linking the tea ceremony to Japanese life. It was originally written in English and aimed at a Western audience. I’ve mentioned this before, but the Meiji restoration and the industrialization of Japan on its own terms was a major talking point for both Indian and Western intellectuals at the time as it promised an Eastern solution to the question of modern culture. With this context, The Book of Tea was written less as a way to introduce people to the art of tea and more as a way to introduce the concept of simplicity. It posits “Nowadays industrialism is making true refinement more and more difficult all the world over. Do we not need the tea-room more than ever?” You can read it on Gutenberg here.