You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

This week saw the last of the major features that I had scheduled for the pre-playtest period. I put in the skeleton of the story for the only player character currently available. Right now, it has you build on and eventually end the character’s insecurity. It’s very stubbed out right now, but this should at least let me get a feel for what I have.

I also put in the final stage of research for a few of the threads currently extant. You can now add conclusions to the report and I put in a basic version of scoring for the final report.

Between these two, there’s the rudiment of an end-game now present. This sets me up nicely for next week which is scheduled to be entirely playtesting and polishing. There are a couple of major features in my orgfile for the game that I’m quite excited about and so which are quite likely to make their way into the game soon, but for now, the plan is for lots of small fixes instead of any major changes.

Interesting Fact

In 1913, during the run-up to WW1, Churchill was prescient about the value that oil would take. At the time, the world was powered by coal, but Churchill was very vocal about the importance of oil. He told Parliament that July, “If we cannot get oil, we cannot get corn, we cannot get cotton and we cannot get a thousand and one commodities necessary for the preservation of the economic energies of Great Britain.”