You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

This week was again a lot of stabilization. I made a nice update to my compiler to make a lot of inheritance happen automatically, which will keep me from a couple of bugs that would pop up now and again. I also split my compiler between definitions and parameters, which rapidly speeds up compliation time in most cases. Being able to make a change and then be able to immediately play the result in a very nice thing to have.

Besides that, was just more playtesting and minor changes. I had only one major feature this week; I moved the results of exploring concepts into the die roll system instead of the earlier random system and it adds more transparency and consistency, which I like. The next week will be more of the same. I’m trying to get the game stable and playable so that I can get to the point where I can let people play soon. Progress is painstaking, but it’s undeniably coming together.

Interesting Fact

This week, I’m going to bring up another point from Colonialism and Neocolonialism, in which Sartre talks about how colonization dehumanizes the colonizers as well as the colonized. The suffering of the latter is obvious, but that of the former is also important and is a point that you see Gandhi bring up multiple times as part of his point of how the British leaving will save both countries. It’s also a point that you see Orwell make strongly in Burmese Days where we highlights how harmful the atmosphere of the colonies is to the colonists. On this point, Sartre says “It is the oppressors themselves who, by their slightest gesture, rescucitate the humanity they wish to destroy; and as they deny it to others, they find it everywhere like an enemy force. To escape from this, they must harden, give themselves the opaque consistency and impermeability of stone; in short they in turn must dehumanize themselves.”