You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

This week was mostly graphical. I’m trying to figure out solutions for the graphics that are not too art- and effort-intensive as concessions to the fact that I’m making this game solo. I want it to look much better and be more approachable than The Quiet Sleep though. I was willing to let much more go with that game than I am with this.

This week was focused on cleaning up the way techs are displayed in particular and there’s still a lot to be done with that. I have a placeholder in for the whole thing, but I need to actually detail the parts of it that are only sketched out.

I also spent a lot of time playtesting the game, but this set of playtests mostly ironed out bugs. That’s important too, but I’m not happy with the fact that the game needed that. Games need a lot of time playtesting to get the experience right and I feel very behind on that for Syphilisation.

Interesting Fact

I’m working on an article on how games fail at portraying Gandhi and it reminded me of my favorite quote about Gandhi. This is from Rajagopalachari, a Tamil Brahmin lawyer first inspired to the independence struggle by Tilak before being converted by Gandhi. He would later say that Gandhi saved him from having to choose between either terrorism or cynicism.