You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

I put in a lot of minor graphical changes this week. There were quite a few places where I had blank images or text in place of something actually readable. I’ve been cleaning those up and the game is certainly much more readable now. It’s still confusing, naturally, but much less so than before.

I spent about half of the week on playtesting. This week, I actually got a lot of time to playtest for fun and not just bugs. There’s a lot to the game now, but it still does not cohere. There are too many isolated threads and I still need to tie them to each other. I’ll write out a comprehensive look at that later.

Finally, I spent a part of the week on a couple of small freelance jobs. I expect that nothing is going to come of one of them, but the other one will hopefully be up in a couple of weeks and I’m excited about sharing that soon.

Interesting Fact

Here’s an excerpt from R.K. Narayan’s Waiting for the Mahatma - “Sriram say unashamedly staring at the gathering, for his favorite hobby at the moment was to speculate on what type he would prefer for a wife. […] Gandhi seemed to be a man who spotted disturbers and cross-thinkers however far away they sat. He was sure to catch him the moment he arrived on the platform, and say, ‘You there! Come up and make a clean breast of it. Tell this assembly what your thoughts were. Don’t look in the direction of the girls at all if you cannot control your thoughts.’”