You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

I built out a major new feature this week that I’m very excited about, templates. The game now keeps track of how convinced the player is of certain points. Players can build up that metric through internalizing facts (ie; building buildings) and through research. You then need to purchase stances that you then use to unlock things. This represents a lot of what I want and helps pieces fit together better. I still have to see how it plays though. It ended up taking longer than I would have liked to implement and so I didn’t get enough playtesting done this week.

Having said that though, I plan to catch up on the playtesting next week and get the first external playtest done. I also meant to put in an end-game this week, but I have to push that as well. It’s going to be tight getting the game to be playable before next Sunday, but I really want to move it into the next stage and this is how I make that transition.

Interesting Fact

I finished The Kingdom of God is Within You by Tolstoy this week and I’ve got another fun quote from it, “‘Christ’s teaching is no use, because it is inconsistent with our industrial age,’ says Ingersoll naively, expressing in this utterance, with perfect directness and simplicity, the exact notion of Christ’s teaching held by persons of refinement and culture of our times. The teaching is no use for our industrial age, precisely as though the existence of this industrial age were a sacred fact which ought not to and could not be changed. It is just as though drunkards when advised how they could be brought to habits of sobriety should answer that the advice is incompatible with their habit of taking alcohol.”