You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

This week stabilized the eXploitation phase and solved the hard UI problems. I’m going to take the next week to finish the overhaul of the game’s UI. The eXploitation phase hasn’t really come together yet, so the game drags quite noticeably in that stage. The game doesn’t have enough goals in the later stages right now. The first half clips along though and I have plenty of things slated for the later phases. In particular, I’m going to put in a bunch of economic things that I think players are really going to get into.

The UI fixes look very promising. The faux-boardgame approach seeems to be working out well so far. I’ll likely put up some screenshots from the next post onwards. It’s not going to look amazing, but hopefully it will be enough to keep the graphics from detracting from the game.

Interesting Fact

Today’s interesting fact is this story of Comrade Sak. He was born in Bombay in 1874 to the sister of Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the Tata group, which was then and is still now India’s biggest commercial conglomerate. After coming down with malaria, he moved to England and became a barrister before joining the Independent Labour Party (separate from and to the left of what would become the current Labour Party). The Bolshevik revolution inspired him though and he shifted to the Communist Party of Great Britain. He was elected as MP in 1922, making him both one of the few early Indian politicians to get a seat (third, after Dadabhai Naoroji and Mancherjee Bhownaggree) and one of the few members of the CPGB to ever get a seat. During this time, he was arrested for a speech he gave supporting the striking coal miners in 1926 and jailed for two months. He was also an active member of the League against Imperialism from its founding in 1927.