You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

I finished a lot of UI updates and ran through the game a couple of times through to the eXploitation phase. I’m going to start the closed alpha tomorrow. There are sill some glaring points that need improvement, but I’m much happier with the way the game looks now. I’ve figured out an approach that works and now it’s just a question of making sure that everything follows that approach and does it well. I’m going to write out a full examination of where the game is right now next week and a timeline of how I’m going to go from the closed alpha to the open one. The late game is still bare-bones and I want to do more to get the point of the game across. I still also worry that players won’t engage with the history in the game, and I want to work on that a bit more.

Interesting Fact

The only thing that could go here is a bit about the protests going on right now in the United States. I’m obviously not the best source of information for anything that’s happening here and honestly, I expect most people who follow this game are already following it closely, but nevertheless, I wanted to link the following set of fundraisers, just in case -