You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

As I detailed in my previous update, I had two major features to implement this week.

Currency Conversions

Much of the code for this was already in place, but I put in a concrete example with techs in place. You can harvest a couple of advanced currencies from the map, deposit them on a district, convert them and then use that for advanced units, projects and buildings.

I haven’t had a chance to play with this yet and I feel that it needs an anti-colonial counterpart that I haven’t figured out yet. However, this will probably get the eXploitation phase humming and having an example down is going to help me a lot with the major reparaming of the game that I have coming up.


I updated the process of writing and adding sections of the final report to better integrate new features. Earlier, there was an extended process where you had to vote for sections. It was complicated and only showed up in this one space. Now, I just made it so that if you answer the question first, yours is automatically the answer, and you can use start campaigns to replace an existing answer with your own. You can also now update your answers. Secondly, I put stance requirements on the districts, so you need to be familiar with the context of the question in order to start answering it.

I did not get enough of a chance to play with this either, but it’s a much cleaner, much better integrated system than what was their before.

Interesting Fact

This is an account from the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi about when Swami Lalnath attempted a satyagraha against Gandhi’s tour of India to help the Dalit community in 1933:

“[The Swami] said that he wanted Gandhiji to give up his tour or give up talking about the Bills and that, therefore, he was offering satyagraha and paying Gandhiji in his own coin.
But this is not satyagraha but the negation of it. You want me either to get you arrested by the police or to take the car over your bodies. I would do neither. I would go on foot. Then perhaps you would hold my feet and make me your prisoner.
Yes, we would hold your feet and implore you to stop this tour.
That would surely be violence.
I cannot hide our intention from you. We want to be hurt by the police or by your volunteers. When this happens I know that you would give up the tour.
But I have told you that I shall certainly not summon the police and I shall not let the volunteers hurt you.
We must then continue to obstruct your passage.
You are very unreasonable. A satyagrahi must not be un-reasonable. You want to provoke the public to violence. A satyagrahi never tempts anyone to do wrong. And how can you resort to such unbecoming behaviour, especially in religious matters? No earthly power can force me to act contrary to my convictions.
Then you should show us the better way.
I can certainly do that. You should go back to Benares and ask the Lord of the Universe to wean me from my error. You should fast as I did.
That we have not the ability to do.
Then I am very sorry. I do not like this unseemly business. You should go to your advisers and tell them to persuade me by argument or prayer. If they cannot do so, they should tolerate what I am doing, even as I tolerate their opposition. You can see that I am simply putting the case against the evil before the thousands who come to listen to me.”