You can buy a very early version of Syphilisation here. You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

Syphilisation is now available for sale if you want to try it out. This is still very early. I don’t know of any bugs in the game, but I’m sure that a bunch of them exist. The game also doesn’t quite have the anti-colonial messages that I want and I have a lot of pieces to put in place before it will. All told, I would recommend waiting a while before picking it up, but if you want to try it, you can get it on Itch

I had planned on building out a roadmap as well this week, but the past few weeks really caught up with me and I ended up taking some time off instead. I mostly caught up with a couple of tasks that I had let slide. I didn’t get the time off that I would have liked, but I probably can find a way to get that into my schedule next week. I had pushed myself for a bit to get the game ready for sale by the end of last month, but I feel it’s better to have a balanced schedule than to alternate crunch and relaxation periods.

Interesting Fact

Gandhi’s birthday was on the 2nd and so I’m going to put down two quotes about his birthday in particular, albeit unfortunate ones. The first is from a radio interview with Ambedkar in 1955. Ambedkar said of Gandhi’s legacy, “He was in my judgement, he was an episode in the history of India, never an epoch-maker. Gandhi has already vanished from the memory of people of this country, His memory is kept up because Congress party you see annually gives holiday, either on his birthday or some other day connected with some event in his life, has a celebration every year going on for 7 days in a week, naturally people memory is revived, but if this artificial respiration were not given, I think Gandhi would be long forgotten.” The second is Gandhi himself on his 78th birthday in 1947, as communal violence was tearing through India, “His request to all was to pray that ‘either the present conflagration should end or He should take me away. I do not wish another birthday to overtake me in an India still in flames.’ ‘What sin must I have committed,’ he remarked to the Sardar, ‘that He should have kept me alive to witness all these horrors?’”