You can buy a very early version of Syphilisation here. You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

The major feature for this week was a redesign of the quest system. There are a lot of decisions in the game with fairly high complexity, like choosing what to build next. The quest system works to guide players towards solid choices so that they have a fallback heuristic if they feel overwhelmed by the decision. So, it’s important the quest system guides the players well.

I updated a lot of the flow of the system and unfortunately that flow doesn’t surface quests frequently enough. I need to tweak things to the point where these are a more regular part of the core loop.

Besides that, I put in my usual bugfixes and small improvements. I brought the map down to 3x3 regions from 3x4 and I redesigned the tile information as well.

Interesting Fact

There’s a quote from the Tao Te Ching that I’ve been chewing on for a while, trying to figure out how to make it part of the game - “Where the army marched grow thorns and thistles. After the war come the bad harvests. Good leaders prosper, that’s all, not presuming on victory. They prosper without boasting, or domineering, or arrogance, prosper because they can’t help it, prosper without violence.”