You can buy a very early version of Syphilisation here. You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done

The build that I prepared for IGF has been live for a while. There are too many changes in there for me to go over, but the game is now much stabler, easier to play and more fully featured. Please check it out if you have some time and tell me what you think

This week, I built traders. Now, camps and preserves generate their goods on their own hex and you can use traders to pick up those goods and move them around. Additionally, there are now villages that you can trade with and that have traderes of their own. Also, you can set up trading posts to manage this automatically. This should add some depth to the game economy and helps decenter the player in the game world. This feature isn’t stable enough for me to roll into the playables yet, but it should be up soon.

Interesting Fact

I found Iqbal’s writing for the need of an alternative to the atheistic socialism of Nehru in 1937 very interesting. I had never before seen the linking between Nehru’s leftist inclinations and the alienation of the Muslim League. However, I’m instead going to quote the UN Human Rights Office on the Farmers Protests - “#India: We call on the authorities and protesters to exercise maximum restraint in ongoing #FarmersProtests. The rights to peaceful assembly & expression should be protected both offline & online. It’s crucial to find equitable solutions with due respect to #HumanRights for all.” The protest against the farm acts recently passed by the Indian Parliament have been running strong for months now and could use all the support they can get.