You can buy a very early version of Syphilisation here. You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here.

Work Done


I put in more to make the game feel like a group report. Now, the work that other players do will benefit you as well. The biomes now represent roles and dong work in the biome functions as doing work in that role, which benefits the rest of your group.

I also put in income inequality. Now, if some citizens earn a lot less than others, they will get upset and cause unrest. If you take the traditional 4X paradigm of having a few very productive tiles, you will upset the rest of your civ and so fact significant unrest.

Other players

I put in two more player characters now and I updated a lot of the text to convey more of the personality of each of the characters in the game. Now, it’s mostly done through lots of little flavor text snippets strewn across the game. I still need to figure out more places for text and I need to differentiate the characters a little more. They all sound too similar right now.


I’ve redone the whole system of stances, points and positions. Now, a lot more of the system takes place on the game world. I also added a bunch of story events for the facts, did some work to contextualize the facts and split up the facts so that you get the facts relevant to the game stage that you are in.

Camp Development

Now, camps come up much more frequently. Instead of settling near a fertile improvement, as before, you now settle next to a camp. These camps also grow and shrink naturally and they produce goods that you can deliver to your cities or to other camps. They also generate anomalies and are developed by quests. Finally, I’ve replaced the barbarian camps with these camps. Now, some of them will revolt during any unrest and function in the same way that the barbarian camps once did.

Climate Catastrophes

Finally, I set up the game pushing you into pollution and designed out a bunch of effects for polluting. I also put in viruses and forest fires that can spread across the map.

Interesting Fact

For today’s interesting fact, here is Kropotkin on how untenable it is to claim individual origins for any product - “Every society on abolishing private property will be forced, we maintain, to organize itself on the lines of Communistic Anarchy. Anarchy leads to Communism, and Communism to Anarchy, both alike being expressions of the predominant tendency in modern societies, the pursuit of equality.
Time was when a peasant family could consider the corn it sowed and reaped, or the woolen garments woven in the cottage, as the products of its own soil. But even then this way of looking at things was not quite correct. There were the roads and the bridges made in common, the swamps drained by common toil, the communal pastures enclosed by hedges which were kept in repair by each and all. If the looms for weaving or the dyes for colouring fabrics were improved by somebody, all profited; and even in those days a peasant family could not live alone, but was dependent in a thousand ways on the village or the commune.
But nowadays, in the present state of industry, when everything is interdependent, when each branch of production is knit up with all the rest, the attempt to claim an Individualist origin for the products of industry is absolutely untenable. The astonishing perfection attained by the textile or mining industries in civilized countries is due to the simultaneous development of a thousand other industries, great and small, to the extension of the railroad system, to inter-oceanic navigation, to the manual skill of thousands of workers, to a certain standard of culture reached by the working class as a whole - the labours, in short, of men in every corner of the globe.”