Writted: 2016-10-10 So, I was just testing out my game when the following series of events happened: - The casual racism associated with finding a job caused me to be very angry. - The memory of that anger was adjancent to my city trait, so I figured I'd use this anger as fuel to get energy which I would then use to get things done. - However, I got over this experience before I could do that, and as a result did not have the energy to find a job and meet someone new, both of which were goals that I wanted to complete. - I had been painting for a while to help me deal with the emotions that I had been feeling uptil this point, both the aforementioned anger at racism and sadness because I was missing my homeland. - However, as I was over both of those, I decided to stop painting and use that energy to finish my goals instead. - While working on those goals, my landlord asks for his rent money and begins to threaten me. - Sadly, as I was no longer painting, I had no defense against these emotions and completely lost control for a bit. - I then start painting so that I can regain control of myself and start getting work done so that I can pay my rent. - I manage this, and things start to look okay. - Before I can finish paying my rent though, I also find out that I'm a sleeper agent and have been activated. - Unable to manage the emotional flood of both needing to pay rent and follow my programming, I break down again, leaving me unable to do either goal. - I decide that I should probably tweak the difficulty down a bit.